Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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Twin gear juicers like the GSE-5000 offer a few advantages over their single-gear competitors, and expert juice fanatics looking to upgrade from their single-gear masticating juicer should consider purchasing a twin gear model.


For many customers, the biggest downside of the GSE-5000 will likely be the high price. Though it’s certainly an investment, the higher quality and quantity of the juice will be worth the extra cost for frequent juicers. If you’re just getting into juicing, you might find the learning curve of the GSE-5000 a bit steep compared to less expensive models.


For expert juicers set on top-shelf performance, the Tribest GSE-5000 is a great choice. The twin gears and three stages of juicing produce more juice than single-gear masticating juicers.