Juice Fountain Duo

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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One look at the Juice Fountain Duo tells you the construction of this juicer is a cut above the competition. The die-cast brushed steel frame gives an air of commercial grade quality and durability. Most of the components—inside and out—are also made of the same heavy-grade steel.


The biggest drawback for most shoppers will be the price—the Duo is the most expensive member of the Juice Fountain family. If you plan to juice often, or in large quantities, this juicer is a worthwhile investment. Those who plan to use their next juicer sparingly might want to purchase a less expensive model.


The most expensive member of the Juice Fountain line is well worth the price for experienced juicers. With a more powerful motor, more variable speeds, and the most durable construction you’re likely to find in any centrifugal juicer, buyers get what they pay for with the Juice Fountain Duo.