Juice Recipes that are Good for Digestion



Being healthy is very vital for every productive human being. Unfortunately many are the times we risk our health knowingly or unknowingly through indulging in foods and drinks that more often pose great risk to the digestive system.

Juices are long term remedies for many digestive related problems. Juice recipes that are good for digestion assist you in flushing out toxins, improve nutritional absorption, sooth the linings of digestive tract and improves the bowel movement.

What really causes indigestion disorders?

When you overeat.

Eating too fast and not chewing food well

Eating too much fatty or spicy foods

Side effects brought about by medication

Diseases such as ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Gastroparesis

Consumption of high amount of alcohol

What are the Symptoms of Indigestion?

Nausea and vomiting

Belching and lots of gas


Growing stomach

Abdominal pain/ upper stomach pains

Acidic taste in your mouth

If you’re the type of an individual who hates the taste of drugs meant to assist you in alleviating digestive problems then below is a list of juices recipes that not only allow you to get vitamins and minerals your body requires but also crafted for optimal digestion.

Apple, Cucumber and Lettuce juice

The ingredients that this combination brings about consists pf fiber which makes a bulk stool since Apple has high amounts of insoluble fiber. The pectin that is present in this juice has prebiotic effects that aids in the balance of micro microbial organisms hence it prevents diarrhea. Cucumber helps in weight loss, and it reduces acidic reflux hence it clears heartburn.


 Apple – 1

 Cucumber – 1

 Lettuce -1

 Fennel seeds – A teaspoonful.

Cut and remove the apple seeds, peel and cut the cucumber into pieces and chop the lettuce. Insert the components in a blender and mix properly with water. Enjoy the taste.

Pear, Celery and Ginger juice

 Pairs have a high amount of fiber that is used to make a very smooth juice which aids at keeping the digestive system in good condition. Indeed, this treats digestion problems. Fiber that is found in celery reduces gastritis and ulcers.


 You need one pear

 Two celery stalks

 One ginger Ginger

 You need to just peel the peer and cut it into pieces. Blend the mixture and pour some ginger and cinnamon powder and there you have your juice.

 Orange, Aloe Vera and Spinach juice

The nitric acid found in oranges increases the acidic level of the stomach hence it reduces the chances of dyspepsia. The amino acids, vitamins, and minerals present in the aloe vera aids in cleaning the digestive tract as they remove the toxins from the food.


Two oranges

one ounce of pure Aloe Vera

A handful of Spinach leaves

Chop the spinach, peel the oranges and insert all the ingredients in a mixer along with the aloe vera juice. Blend and after some minutes enjoy serving the sauce.

Red Grapes, cabbage and celery juice

Red grapes have insoluble fibers that increase the bulk of food and stool hence reducing constipation discomfort. The cabbage also has anti-inflammatory elements that reduce inflammation of the intestinal walls.


1 cup of red grapes

1/4th of red cabbage

2 stalks of celery

Chop the celery and cabbage and together with the grapes add into a mixer. Insert the required amount of water and its best taken in morning hours every day.

Lettuce, Zucchini and Orange juice

Zucchini digests and absorbs vegetables, and it prevents bloating The mixture rich in fiber useful in the cleansing of the intestine. The combination with orange also gives it a perfect flavor that can get enjoyed.


2 Zucchini

1 head of Lettuce

1 orange

Peel the orange and chop the lettuce and zucchini into small pieces. Add the ingredients and blend in a mixture. Add some little water, pour into the glass and enjoy.

Savoy Cabbage, Pineapple, Mint juice

Savoy cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, proteins, and minerals that enhance digestive health. Pineapple is also rich in folic acid as well as glucose and the two make the best juice used for treating digestive disorders.


1/2 Savoy cabbage

1cup of pineapple

A handful of mint leaves

Chop the sprouts, mint, and pineapples and blend in a blender. You need to add just one cup of water and continue stirring. Pour in a glass, serve and enjoy.

Belle Pepper, carrots and Sweet Potato juice

Sweet Potatoes are rich in fiber that promote orderly functioning of digestive organs. Carrots also treat inflammation disorders like diverticulitis. Bell Pepper aids in the prevention of ulcers.


one sweet potato

Just one carrot

One Red Bell Pepper

Peel the carrot and sweet potatoes. You then need to chop bell pepper add them in a food processor. Take ½ cup of water in the mixture and serve in a glass and enjoy.

Swiss Chard, Cucumber , and Pineapples juice

 Swiss chard contain several mineral contents that are very vital to digestive system. They are Manganese ,Zinc and vitamin A. they are the best in assisting to remove toxins in your digestive system. Pineaples also have a chemical compound that aids in discomfort of the stomach.


5 leaves of Swiss Chard

1 cup of Pineapple

1 cucumber

Chop the cucumber. Swiss Chard and pineapples roughly and put them in a food processor. ADD 1/2 cup of water, blend and serve in a glass as you enjoys.


Conclusively, these are the exclusive best ten recipes that can make you say goodbye to acidity constipation and all other related disease highlighted above. Indeed, these healthy juicing recipes will provide both long and short-term remedies that can bring an end to digestive problems.