Juicing for Children


Here is a download-2simple guide or instructions to juicing for children.

We all love our kids and we want the best for them whether it be education, social life and even health. One of the best ways to boost the health and nutrition for your child is through juicing. It will certainly help them grow and develop their bodies.

Most kids love juicing; the recipes are tailored for them. Most of the times they don’t know what it is but they still love it. Juice that has just been prepared is the best juice for your child. Some parents are scared to give their kids juice whether it is vegetable or fruit juice. This shouldn’t be the case, give your child any juice, it is a winner for them. You can also include the juice in their diet.

Let’s discuss some of the tips that concern juicing on children.

If you have an infant, it is recommended that you give them the mother’s milk as it is best for them. Don’t give them juice.

If your child is between the age of 1 and 2, you can give him or her juice but it is best if you consult a nutritionist or a doctor before you to do that. It is also exquisite but not important if you dilute the juice for children between the age of 2 and 12 with water on a ratio of one to one using 145ml per day. Most practitioners recommend this but you can also give them juice that isn’t diluted but in small quantities.

For teenagers, don’t hesitate to give them juice because their body is growing very fast. It is also an easy way to integrate vegetables and fruits into their diet.

If you are giving your child juice that is filled with beets, parsley, kales, watercress and spinach, make sure you give him or her this juice in small doses. This is because, this type of juice is quite strong as it is meant for adults so make sure you give them in small doses. You can add broccoli or spinach to it but make sur you hide it with a sweet fruit like apple or passion. This juice will cleanse the body of your child and also provide nourishment.

Don’t do a juice fast with toddlers or infants. It is not recommended.

If you are recovering from a flu or cold or may be your child is recovering from the same, give him or her grape or apple juice as it will help in nourishing their bodies. If you give them sold food, their recovery will be much slower. You can also give him or her red raspberry tea with juice.

Be adventurous with your child when you want to give him or her juice. It is basically food in its raw and pure form. If the child has a reaction to it, don’t worry, it is because he or she is not used to taking food in such pure form.