Lexen GP27

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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741 reviews


Like our other manual pick, the GP27 produces impressive yields that rival masticating models many times the cost. This efficient little juicer won’t just save you money up front—you’ll also be saving money on produce over time.


As you might expect, the GP27 is made of lower grade components than more expensive juicers. Though it’s surprisingly sturdy, most of the machine is made of plastic instead of metal. A handful of reviewers reported cracked or broken components after a short time—although most were quickly replaced by Lexen’s excellent customer service.  


The inexpensive Lexen GP27 is a great alternative to more expensive wheatgrass juicers. It retains many of the benefits of costlier manual juicers—high yields, compact design, and easy cleanup—while being sold at a bargain price.