Omega J8006

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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462 reviews


“Workhorse,” “juggernaut,” and “powerhouse” are just a few of the words that reviewers use to describe the Omega J8006. It’s difficult to imagine any edible material this juicer couldn’t handle—the powerful motor and rugged auger pulverize anything and everything that enters the feed chute without complaint.  


The price is the main downside of the J8006 when compared to the J8003. The J8006 isn’t expensive for a masticating juicer, but it’s still significantly more pricey than the J8003.  


The rugged auger and powerful motor are efficient, durable, and backed by a 15-year warranty. If you have the budget for it, we highly recommend investing in this juicer—you won’t regret it!