Omega VRT350

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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The VRT350 has more or less the same internal mechanics as the J8003, with all the benefits of the slow juicing process found in the J series. However, the vertical design gives the VRT350 some distinct advantages over horizontal models.


Though the vertical build of the VRT350 makes juicing faster and easier, it does have one noteworthy drawback. By design, this juicer isn’t quite as powerful or efficient at extracting juice as a horizontally built juicer.


The VRT350 may not be as efficient or powerful as our other two models, but for some shoppers it may be the better option. The upright design of the VRT350—as well as its wider feed tube and easy cleanup—means this juicer gets the job done much quicker than the other two models we looked at.