Power Juicer Pro

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0/5 on May 24, 2017

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The Power Juicer Pro improves on the other Power Juicer models by adding higher-quality, stainless steel components. One of the most prominent weaknesses of the other Power Juicers is the flimsy plastic construction of some parts, and the Pro handily overcomes this shortcoming with its durable construction. More stainless steel also makes the Pro easier to clean than the other Power Juicers, as well as giving it an all-around attractive and professional appearance.


The Power Juicer Pro, as the highest quality member of the Power Juicer line, is also the most expensive. For fans of the LaLanne juicers, it’s worth investing in the Pro for its superior durability. However, we can’t help but wish that the LaLanne company had added more improvements to the Pro for the additional cost.  


The updated stainless steel construction is the main improvement that the Power Juicer Pro offers over the other Power Juicer models. It’s a big improvement, however—the Pro is much more durable, easier to clean, and more attractive than its predecessors.